Heritage Commons

Senior Enrichment Cetner


We are Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center and we are a partnership of CareWell Services, Calhoun County Senior Services, Oaklawn Hospital, and the City of Marshall.

We are a gathering place for older adults to socialize, educate, and to engage with the community. We focus on wellness programs, community presentations, and activities.

As a new or Senior Center, we will continue to add interesting and engaging programs as we grow. Have an idea about a program you'd like to see at the Heritage Commons? Give us a call or stop in at the center.


WELLNESS PROGRAMS We provide you with the latest health and wellness information to keep you updated and healthy!
COMMUNITY PRESENTATIONS We will help you engage and stay up to date about activities in your community.
ACTIVITES We offer many activities such as Euchre, Lunch and Learns, Arts & Crafts, and many more to come!

Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center in 4 words:EmpowerEnlightenEngageEnrich

Frequently Asked Questions

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Heritage Commons will be closed to protect the health of our members and the community. The CareWell Services Senior Resource Call Center is open and ready to help you with any questions, concerns or needs as you shelter in place. Call 269-441-0930